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Double-Hung Windows in Mankato

A Classic Option

Windows exist in a wide variety of sizes and forms; some slide open from side to side while others use a crank mechanism or open vertically. In Minnesota neighborhoods, many homes have double-hung windows, which slide up and down. They provide increased efficiency and can be equipped with Energy Star®-rated glass, which enhances their effectiveness during our icy Minnesota winters.

Why Choose Double-Hung Windows?

When you need added circulation or ventilation in your home, double-hung windows have two independent sashes or window casements that may be lifted or lowered individually. The Window Source of Mankato sells double-hung windows with a cutting-edge balance system integrated right into the window sashes that guarantees they stay where you put them. Our replacement double-hung windows even tilt forward for quick, easy cleaning.

Double Hung Window Graphic - The Window Source of Mankato

What Makes Double-Hung Replacement

Windows a Terrific Option?

  • They provide superior durability and strength, even in our cold Minnesota winters.

  • All our windows feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Both sashes, top and bottom, can be tilted forward for easy cleaning.

  • Our energy-efficient design saves on heating and cooling costs, plus keeps your home comfortable even during the coldest months.

  • New double-hung replacement windows are individually custom fit.
  • Our quality components allow for long-term durability, easy and convenient operation, and weather-tight performance — at a price that fits your budget.

  • Unlike wood, our high-quality vinyl components never need painting and don’t chip, peel, crack, or warp.

  • With our innovative sloped sill design, water quickly drains away.

  • Our windows include screens that give you the freedom to let air in while keeping pests out.

  • Our windows give you the ability to effectively ventilate your home.

Our 3000 Series Double-Hung Windows Are Budget-Friendly and Save Big

Your needs will be met by the energy-efficient double-hung window design from our 3000 Series. They are gorgeous, built of the best materials, and have a fusion-welded frame rather than fixed joints for years of top performance. Our double-hung 3000 Series windows are an excellent option if you need to replace the windows in your home or are building a new house on a tight budget.

Double hung window in a living room - The Window Source of Mankato
Double hung window in a kitchen - The Window Source of Mankato

The 6000 Series — Our Most Popular Double-Hung Window

These 6000 Series double-hung replacement windows, which have double-strength glass and tougher materials, are among our most popular options. These top-notch vinyl windows are built to withstand our extreme weather conditions while maintaining the comfort of your home. 

As a top Minnesota window replacement business, we provide a wide range of customization choices, from vinyl colors to types of glass, that will precisely match the design of your house.

Our Top of the Line Double-Hung Windows — the 9000 Series

The pinnacle of window replacement technology is our 9000 Series double-hung windows for even more defense against our tough Minnesota weather. The triple-strength glass of the 9000 Series windows has two Low E coatings and two compartments that are filled with inert argon gas. You can opt to upgrade further with triple glazing or add foam insulation to the frame and sash for even more energy-efficient windows that last a lifetime.

Double hung windows over a sink - The Window Source of Mankato

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